Edible food as material book cover

Food Material Sample Series

Through a series of food samples, Diane Leclair Bisson explores the capacity for foods themselves to be transformed into nutritional and tasty edible containers. Using diverse processes, she examines how food can be processed into thin, layered materials that can structurally support a wide variety of foods. Over 40 recipes of crunchy, firm, soft and jelly-like materials were developed. Attention is given to the mechanical, organoleptic and colour properties of foods. Samples are made primarily of a diversity of vegetables, and absolutely no artificial colors or additives are incorporated into the recipes. This culinary research reveals an original food aesthetic, and creatively introduces food sources to the vast world of production materials.

The scientific research was conducted with the support of the Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société and the collaboration of chefs and scientists from the industry and of the ITHQ Research and Expertise Center (Institut du tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec). A selection of early results of the study were published in the 128p book Edible: Food as Material (Les éditions du Passage, Montreal, 2009). 

Interlaced Cups (Purple) 
Key Ingredients : Blackberry and blueberry purées, mascarpone

Double Bowls (Green)
Key Ingredients : Pistachio powder, Matcha tea powder, spinach purée

Strata (Dark Brown) 
Key Ingredients : Black quinoa and poppy seed flour

Globules (Yellow)
Key Ingredients : Carrot juice, goat cheese, yogurt

Key ingredients: Sugar, pectin, gelatine, agar agar

Scoop (Black)
Key Ingredients : Carob bean powder flour


2012 Applied Arts Annual Design Competition 
2011 Best in The World : Gourmand World Cookbook Award 
2010 Alcuin excellence in book design awards