Vinaigrette jelly bowls

Champagne jelly bowls and beads

Vinaigrette and fruit juice jelly bowls

Fruit juice jelly bowls

Jelly Bowls

The Jelly Bowls explores the concept of simple, geometric and mouldable edible containers, as well as the concept of the soluble container. The cylindrical containers may be used for salads or other cold meals. And because of its the high melting point, the gelified containers made with agar agar can also withstand warm liquid meals - even soups. Paradoxically, the natural gel is one of the very few food materials that can hold warm liquids for extended periods, and yet the only one to completely dissolve in very hot water. The use of Agar Agar powder is widespread in Asian cuisine, but has only recently been adopted by western cuisine, mostly in gastronomy and therefore remaining less known among the larger public. Its many applications in cooking make it an efficient, versatile and economical ingredient for moulding edible containers as well as edible films. Recipes include vinaigrette bowls such as tomato, red pepper and basil vinaigrette, and herbal-fruit juice bowls such as apple and coriander.