Core77 Consumer Product Award

Core77 Notable Design Award – Consumer Product for Diane Leclair Bisson’s Ice Urn. Winner of Core77’s first ever Food Design Award for her edible containers, Diane Leclair Bisson innovates again with another highly sustainable product – a funerary urn made entirely of ice. 

Among a large field of high-technology products receiving awards in Core77’s 2016 Consumer Product Category, for projects by Microsoft, Oculus, Google, IDEO, Amazon, FuseProjet and others - Bisson’s Ice Urn stands alone by employing only water as it’s sole construction material. The Ice Urn delivers a completely sustainable, ecological and zero-footprint product to market that challenges perceptions, meaning and rituals in emerging funerary practices.

If you appreciate the project, please cast your vote for a Community Choice award for the Ice Urn at the following link :